Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Walk 2011

I am really lucky that I have such great friends that invite Kaleb and I to hang out with their families and do fun things- it sure isnt as much fun for just the 2 of us to go and do these things. Thanks Shauna and family for including us!
Last week we went to the pumpkin walk and then went to Shauna's sisters house to have dinner - then we went mini golfing. It was a busy night but so much fun.. Here are some great pictures of the pumpkin walk -
Here are a couple of the Angry bird display - the department that I am in dressed up as angry birds - so I wanted the pix of this ...

Here is another-I just love the green pigs-

Here is the first shot I took - and Lisa(Shauna's sister) stuck her head in being funny.. she cracks me up!

Here are some of the boys in the various wood cut outs-
Kaleb as Yoda...

Here is Derek- Shauna's son as Yoda

And here is Brendan(Jessie), Kaleb(Buzz) and Derek(Woody)

Sadly these are the only pictures I took that night.. by the time we got to mini golfing I could hardly see- so I didnt even attempt to take pictures. We had an awesome time- and I couldnt be more gratefuly for my awesome friend Shauna and her family for including us!