Friday, April 24, 2009

In Loving Memory

My family and the world has lost another great man! I learned that my Uncle Dan passed away on 4/20/09 after suffering from health problems. He was a really great guy to all who had the honor of knowing him. My Uncle Dan was an avid animal lover, he has many pets of his own, but the one thing I remember is going to his pet store when I was little and getting to hang out with him and all the animals. He loved birds, and has provided many a kid in our family with pets to take home and love.
I know that he is free from all his pain and that he is with my grandpa Syd tearin up the streets of heaven. Though our lives will never be the same without him here, it is my hope that the memories of him will help to heal the hearts of this family, especially Aunt Shirley and all their kids.
Love you and will miss you lots Uncle Dan!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So my dad has always been really good at spotting "treasure" in anothers junk. For as long as I can remember my dad has always taken something that didnt work for someone else, tinkered with it and made it work for him, which is an awesome talent to have ... unless your just junkin to junk. My dad and his brothers always give pass along one pile of junk to another brother, or they trade junk! I have always thought it was funny when my mom flipped out about it... until my DAD decided that he needed a partner in junk .. and decided that partner should be none other than MY SON!!!
This week is the one week in a year that Hyrum City provides dumpsters for all sorts of garbage for its residents and my dad was cleaning up his yard with Kaleb's help. They headed over to throw away junk, and came home with "treasures"!!!
This is what they have found during the first 2 days at the dumpsters...

Kaleb and his snow items: a new snowboard and sled.

Kaleb and his "new" bike:

Kaleb and his "new" scooter: and his buddy... so proud of their find!!!

Just when I am tryin to learn and teach Kaleb to throw out unused items.. his buddy is teachin him the art of dumpster diving!

Gotta love them both!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!!! (late)

So last Friday was my niece's birthday and I havent had the chance to post about her until today.

Emily is the most beautiful red curly haired girl that there ever was! She has light blue eyes is quick to smile and hug you when you need one! Emily has the most tender of hearts and often feels the pain of those around her to the point that she cries if you do. She is funny and smart and has just a touch of tomboy in her, always wanting to go and keep up with Kaleb sometimes getting hurt in the process but she is just over all FANTASTIC!!

She turned 8 and I can hardly believe that she is that old already, she is getting ready to be baptized at the beginning of May, which I couldnt be more proud of her for making that choice. She is truly a gift from God, and I am so happy that she is in my family.

I made this frame for her to put whatever picture she wants in it, but its bright and cheery and girly.. just like Em!

Love you much!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to my first HERO!!!!

Yesterday was my dad's 55th birthday! Since I only have access to a computer for a limited time, I wanted to blog about him now!

My dad was my very first hero and he continues to be one to me now. As a little girl I couldnt wait for him to get home so that we could climb into the black rocker and watch M*A*S*H together, which we did everyday. My dad was gone a lot when we were growing up due to his job, but there was never a time that I wasnt glad to see him come home from off the road. He worked hard for our family, and he still does.
My dad is a rough and tough guy, but it never failed that all of us kids friends loved my dad, and they still do.

My dad is still my biggest hero and has become the hero in Kaleb's life as well. According to Kaleb, there isnt anything that buddy(what Kaleb and my dad call each other)can't or won't do for him. My dad is incredibly patient with Kaleb and teaches him as much as Kaleb can absorb. The other night Kaleb wanted to call buddy on the phone cuz he was just certain that he could fix his friends scooter if buddy walked him through it over the phone!

I love my dad more than any other man on this earth and probably always will. He is the most amazing man, husband, dad, and grandpa that I know and I am the luckiest girl in the world cuz he is mine!!!

Happy 55th birthday old man!!! I love you!!!