Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two ways of making you smile!

Ok, so its been a busy week for me and I haven't had time to blog. I am working on a great craft for my sweet Grammy's birthday next week. I work on that after Kaleb is in bed until about 11 o'clock, surprising myself that I am enjoying the craftiness of it all. Thanks Jo!

Last night, I broke my cardinal rule of not doing anything on a school night by taking Kaleb and his friend Ethan to a corn maze, which was a TON of fun! I'm glad that I broke the rule and got to experience that with them. They are both 7 and decided that they wanted to experience the "Haunted River Trail" I tried to tell them that it was really, REALLY scary, but they told me that they were big tough boys!!! So we bought tickets, and we made it through 2 turns before the lights went out and the big tough boys were screamin and cryin! However, they were determined to keep going tears and all! Then when another person came out onto the trail on one side, they saw an opening on the other jumped the blocking haybales and RAN as fast as their little legs could carry them all the while, screaming as if Freddy or Jason were after them!! Ha, ha, ha, it was the funniest thing ever, until I caught up to them, and had to dry their tears. Then it broke my heart a little, and it was just one lesson learned, NEVER take them to a scary place again! I will include pixs of this little outing once I get them on my computer!

Work has been crazy busy, and on my lunches is when I have to add to the blog, but this week I have been running errands on lunch. So I am taking a minute now to add a picture that a friend sent to me today. This picture reminded me that I just need to take a few minutes and enjoy what's all around me on a daily basis, and thank God that I get to see it every day.

So as the caption on the picture in the email says... this is God's and my way of saying....

Have a Nice Day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

A boy can get older, but still LOVE the merry-go-round

So this Sunday my mom, myself and Kaleb all headed to the local Big K (which has fast become Kaleb's favorite store) to do a little "Christmas" shopping and take advantage of their lay-a-way program. Kaleb was great all through the store even though he wasnt feeling 100% up to par. He looked at every isle of toys with the eagle eye of an 8 year looking for the GREAT find of the day! All who have kids know what I'm talking about.

Kaleb left the store as I was checking out with my mom and when I came out of the store, my cute "big" boy was riding the merry-go-round in front of the store, laughing and having the time of his life! It brought a smile to my face to watch him ride round and round. It was great and I couldnt wait to share it with everyone! It's amazing to see such joy come from a $.25 ride, so my advice is let them ride if they want.. you can never been too big!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Support the soldiers by .... Adopting One!

Ok, so when my uncle was home for his 2 week leave for my grandpas funeral he told my mom about a program soldiers use called Soldiers Angels, it allows people to "adopt" them. Which just means that you commit to sending 1 letter a week, and 1 care package a month. You can just send cards and little treats to your adopted soldier. Doesnt have to be huge and elaborate, just something for them to get in the mail and something that tells them that they are appreciated for what they are doing for all of us over there. You may not support the war, but support those that choose to be where they because they believe in what they are doing.
With the holiday's coming up and the soldiers still being deployed I think that it would be a great thing to do for someone. So I am encouraging anyone that reads this to take a look at the website and see if one of the many programs interest you in anyway. They have teams that write letters to wounded soldiers, teams that take care of the families of the soldiers that are deployed. See if anything catches your eye and if its something that you and your family can do for someone else. You never know whose life you can touch with just a letter a week, a card, a small care package!

Thanks! Here is the website that you can go to.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tag! You're it !!

Ok, so Ive been tagged! Watch out you could be next!

TV shows I love to watch:
1. Army Wives
2. Ghost Whisperer
3. Criminal Minds
4. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Places I Love to Shop:
1. Walmart
2. Shopko
3. Kohls(Tony Hawk, need I say more?)
4. Borders
5. Target

Things That Happened Yesterday:
1. I worked
2. I worked on my craft project
3. I spent time with Kaleb.

Things I Look Forward To:
1. The weekend.
2. Seeing my grandma
3. Christmas! 63 days left
4. Payday

Things I Love About Fall:
1. Changing leaves
2. Warm (not HOT) days and cool evenings.
3. Sleeping with my windows open.
4. Fall colors.
5. HOCKEY!!!!!!
6. that WINTER is next!

Things On My Wish List:.
1. To pay off my debts
2. Go to Yellowstone with Kaleb.
3. Be happy with myself.
4. get healthy(whatever that entails)
5. to make sure that the important people in my life know how much I love them!

Okay, so I tag the following people:
1. Joni
2. Danie
3. Sarah

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Final Countdown!!!!

Ok, so if you know me then you know that Christmas is one of my FAVORITE holidays ever. I was always the one that counts down, listens to Christmas music starting in oh lets say September.. and I did all on my own. Other people thought I was crazy... and maybe I am!!! (ok no maybe about it!)
I have been lucky enough to not have to be alone in this holiday passion of mine..well for the past (almost) 11 years cuz thats when my brother married the other crazy one in the family AMBER! She has a much stronger passion for Christmas than I could ever have. So this post today is very much a part of her doing as well as mine. Just so that everyone is aware there are

64 days left until Christmas!!!
Better get to shopping!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Cousin!!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite Cousin!!!! As I was sitting here getting ready to blog for another day, I realized that it was his birthday, tomorrow and i couldnt let the day go by without telling everyone who read this all about him.
This picture was taken at Joe's Crab Shack (my all time favorite) in West Valley. I talked Zan into going with me so that we could spend some time together and talk. I had my son Kaleb and my cousin Grayson (Kaleb's age) and his daughter Mia with us. The boys went out to play immediatly after we got there, but Zan, Mia and myself sat down and ordered food. At one point during dinner Mia decided that she needed to give the waitress a Wet Willy! Zan blushed and explained that she couldnt just give those to anyone.

My cousin Zan is such a great dad to his 2 kids, Mia and Jex. He has always been there for me when ever I needed someone to talk to. I am glad that we both grew up to be the adults that we are, and Im even more blessed to call him my friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Love ya much!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My favorite time of the year ...

Fall is one of the most beautiful times in this great state we live it. It also happens to be one of my most favorite seasons. I love the way the canyons look, the crisp morning air. Just a hint of winter thats on the way. Some people get depressed in the fall and winter due to lack of light and I just get energized! I absolutley LOVE fall and winter. The attached picture was taken up in Logan Canyon, less than 15 miles from my home. We Utah residents couldn't be any luckier than we are to live in this great place, and I am so happy that is FALL is finally here! I cant wait to do all the fun things that this season brings, corn mazes, pumpkin walks, carving pumpkins... and halloween. So much fun with family and friends I cant wait.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Late night texts and calls! Ah, friends!

I love to text more than anyone else I know. Sometimes its better than regular phone conversation(some people, UB, dont get that) but it is! I especially love the middle of the night texts from friends! I have had many a midnight conversation with old and new friends, this weekend I was able to have great text convo with one of my best friends, Joni!
She was at a party for her sister Mel, when she decided to text me about the party, and missing me... it was a great convo that lasted over 2 hours and I learned quite a bit from it.

1. That Jo missed me ... which is great!

2. That the Idaho girls.... love Jonis.. and want some too!!!! :)

3. That my best friend is a rockstar!!! and hilarious when drinking!

4. That I wasnt invited to what seems to be one of the best parties this year... hmmm wonder where MY

invite was?

I love ya Jo.. and cant wait for our next round of texts... Happy Texting !!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

In Loving Memory

This world has lost a GREAT man. My grandpa, Syd Elliott. My grandpa was diagnosed with end stage lung cancer in April of this year, he lost that fight on 10/4/08 at the age of 73. He decided to fight this disease with everything in his being, and for that he became one of my heros! He fought hard to stay on this Earth so my grandma didnt have to be alone. He fought to his very last breath. He was one of the nicest men I know, he was well loved and will be well missed.

This mom's crazy life

This crazy life I call mine- what a mess it sometimes seems to be.. but I couldnt thrive if it were not a mess..