Friday, January 23, 2009

New things...

So Kaleb turned 8 at the end of November and he decided that he wanted to start scouts. So even though I said he wouldnt ever be a scout.. here he is a scout. He has taken to this program with great enthusiam! He is learning all the new things that he needs to so that he can get his Bobcat badge and move onto his wolf.

He wants it all to happen right now! He tries so hard to memorize what he needs to ... its cute. He is pretty cute in his uniform!

Keep up the good work buddy! Love you tons!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My first time.... crafting on my own(sort of)

Ok so I did it!! I made the attempt at crafting on my own. I must say that I didnt do it all alone, I got the idea from my supervisor Melissa- and lots of text questions to Jo and - TA DA! Its done. I gave this shelf and these pix to Jo and UB for Christmas....and I must say.. Im rather impressed with them. ;)

The pix hanging from the shelf are of all of their kids, Miss Kadee in the pink flowered frame, Hunter in the dotted frame, Miss Taylor in the frame with pink swirls, and Joni and UB's baby, Max!!
I just hope that they like them as much as I liked making it for them. I now have the bug and plan on doing many more projects... so get ready for the texts Jo!!! Love ya much..