Saturday, July 11, 2009

Relay for Life!

Hello everyone!! I was finally able to find a computer to update my blog!!!I was just saying today how much I missed being on this thing! Im going to have to make it a point to get to the library to update this thing more often. Anyways..... I want to share about what I did tonight.

I participated in the Relay for Life... this year was bitter sweet having just lost Grandpa Elliott in October 08 due to complication of Lung Cancer. I walked for him tonight and thought of all the fun times we had. The 4th of July weekend just passed and that was the same weekend as the Cruise in. We would all go up in the canyon to camp. This year, grandma asked if we wanted some chips and salsa....then proceeded to open a jar of salsa.. which was so totally ok... it just wasnt the same as fresh that gpa made to snack on. I sure miss him.

I also walked for my grandpa Myers who died in 1997 from stomach cancer. I miss him so much. I look at my dad and see my grandpa in him and some of the things he does reminds me of grandpa "Tug" so much that its like he is right there. I am going to have to get some pink mints this weekend... just to remind me of grandpa.

I walked for my dear sister in law for her battle that she fought...and thus far has won. She is CANCER FREE now for almost 3 years!!!! Yay!~~ It was so awesome to see her, my brother and their 3 daughters all there. Walking with the care takers and the Survivors.

I also walked for my Dr Patty Jones PA. Who I just found out is battling her cancer again after finding it in her bones. I look at that woman and see someone who is so upbeat, especially after all that she has been through, and I think to myself... my life? Its great.

If you have never participated in a Relay for Life event, I strongly recommend that you do it... its an amazing experience. I am posting some of the pix I took tonight.
Its good to be back!!!

This first pix is of Josh, Amber and Mady in the survivor/caretaker lap tonight.