Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas and Family

We had the first family Christmas party with out my grandpa last Saturday, and while the day was a hard one, we all still had a good time. We all brought a dollar store gift wrapped for the game of Bingo(which I have discovered I have NO luck in) the kids had a great time playing and winning.. much to my chagrin since it took me FOREVER to get Bingo~! It was alot of fun.

My grandma and aunt Kelly picked up 2 gingerbread houses on sale for the kids to put together, the boys against the girls.. this is a pix of Kaleb, Grayson and James getting ready to build a house. They had the help of Skyelor and her friend ... and Rachael was helping the girls.... Needless to say.. the boys house fell .. might be in part to Elliott "sneaking" fingers of frosting.. or it could be because Skyelor and her friend couldnt get the hang of the frosting.. whatever the reason, the boys house crumbled while the girls house was absolutely adorable. I unfortunately dont have pix of that house but it looked as a gingerbread house should.

Then we all sat down and had dinner so that we could get to the "opening of the gifts"! The kids were so excited that once they had the go ahead the paper flew, kids diappeared, cries of delight were heard but couldnt see which kid was happy! My nephew opened his slowly and when he saw that it was batteries he screamed " Batteries? Batteries? who gave me batteries?????" LOL! My grandma was prepared and gave batteries as part of the boys gifts.

So much fun to get together with family that is still growing! I love you all very much and am ever so grateful to have you in my life and to get to call you family is a blessing!

My Christmas wish this year will be that anyone reading this will hug their family just a little closer and for just a little longer this year. That you will never let a day go by without telling your family how much they mean to you, its been a year of loss in my family as well as others around me this year, I just hope that everyone who is in my life knows how BLESSED I am to have them!

Merry Christmas to you all, hope its a great one! Love you much!

Work Christmas Party and the Sweater Vest!

So, this is my boss Dave. It has come to the attention of those working here at Conservice that Dave hates.. absolutely HATES sweater vests, much to the delight of those in our accounting department that continue to wear them just because he feels that way! Well at the company Christmas party last week, those faithful sweater vest wearers all wore their sweater vests and then actually had the nerve to present Dave with his own mongrammed sweater vest! It was fantastic! Dave was a good sport about it, put the vest on and walked around and modeled it~ which is when I snapped the pix with him posing. Then he made the comment that this would be the ONLY time anyone saw a sweater vest on him.... WRONG!!! cuz here he is in all his glory~!

It was good time had by all at the party, I thought the food was good.. the company was superub! I had a great date for the dinner (even though I felt like crap) it was a great time!!!

Cant wait until next year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Picture Day!

Kaleb was 4 the last time we had pictures taken of us(other than the ones family has taken)together. We made an appointment with Michelle Hansen to get our pix done. It was fantastic weather just the perfect temperature! We met out by the park and ride in logan proceeded to take picture after picture. Kaleb proceeded to talk Trace's ear off!! :) Ahhh kids..
I have to say that I was worried that I wouldnt like the pictures(cuz I never do if I am in them) but I was so surprised at how much I LOVED them!!!
I am going to post a couple of us that I love. I would totally recommend Michelle to anyone looking to get pictures taken!!! She has a blog http://www.photographybymichelleh.blogspot.com/ check her out!!
Thanks Michelle and Trace so much for the time spend on the pictures! You guys rock!!
I had a hard time choosing my favorite between the ones of us together, but the one of Kaleb! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I like all of the edits that she did on this one!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Kiddo!!!

Ok, so I wasnt near a computer on Friday 11/28 and I was really busy on Wed.. so that being said I want to take just a minute to wish my son Kaleb a very Happy Happy Birthday!!!
He wanted to have his cousin Grayson come up and stay the weekend and go bowling with a couple of friends.. which we did and he had a blast! I have pictures, but alas, the camera is now in Yuma AZ with grandma. I will put some up when she gets back.
For Kaleb's birthday present from me, I changed the decorations in his room from the jungle that he had to a TOTAL Skatebording room. I was able to get this great bedspread in the spring, and I found some great skateboarding vinyl clings for his walls since we cant paint! He stayed at my moms on Thanksgiving night and I went home and put his room together... then I went and picked him up on Friday and took him home to see his present! Which he loved! When he showed it off to Grayson, Grayson told him man! your so lucky!!! Kaleb was like yeah I am dude! It was great.
Anyway! I just wanted to take a minute and tell anyone who reads this how much I love my son, and how grateful I am to be his mom. I know without a doubt that I was born so that I could be his mom! He constantly says things that make me laugh, and sometimes cry, but thats life and we all learn. I have never regretted having him and give thanks to God every single day that I get to keep him and love him!
I will post pix of his room and the bowling party when I have the camera back.